Garden Supply Center

Our knowledgeable sales staff is up to date on the latest products for lawns and landscapes. We are fully stocked with repellents for deer, rabbits and moles, control products for insect infestations or fungus problems.

We often encourage our customers to bring in plant samples for a professional diagnosis. The focus of our garden center is maintaining healthy lawns and plants.

We have in stock hundreds of 4-step lawn programs, as well as pelletized lime, Espoma, and several types of grass seed mixtures. Organic fertilizers have steadily become more popular over the last decade. Products like Plant Tone and Holly Tone are always available in any size from 3 lb. to 50 lb. bags. Well balanced with 15 essential elements, they are crucial for plant health and development. 

Grass Seed-We only stock the highest quality seed mixtures blended for survival in North-East Ohio's harsh weather conditions.

Fertilizers- We stock fertilizers for just about everything that grows! 

Repellents- Protect your plants & home against any unwanted animals. Full line always stocked.

Problem Solvers- Bring in a sample or picture, and our expert staff will recommend the right solution for you. From burlap & Tree stakes, to insect killers and fungus controls, we stock a full line of every lawn & garden problem solver.